Bios Project

Medical Center “BIOS”.
Orzinuovi, Brescia
Arch . Alessandro Magli
Products installed:
MiniClass, Mok, Line, Kos

A modern architecture characterized by simple contrasting volumes that define a formal minimal look but at the same time with great impact. This is a significant architectural project created, also innovative in the execution of the construction works by the dry assembly of prefabricated elements.

The high attention of the constructive details and quality of the materials used have been marked by lighting products with high efficiency and minimal design.

The use of technical applique (range Miniclass) to light walls with direct and indirect effect, the use of linear recessed products (range Line) to define luminous perimeters and lighting of access area by bollard (range Mok) had a great result effect.

Architecture and light come together in a complementary style to grow design quality.

Arch.Filippo Badinelli

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