In a residential context with high quality, the use of light helps to emphasize materials, colors and volumes. It is the case of this building with simple geometry, but the renovation has generated new equilibrius upsetting original plant. The result is surprising because gives to the property a manufactured similar to new building, erasing the traces of the original and typical materials during years 60, when the building was built.

The use of technique and modern light emphasizes the new architectural solution, the choice to install recessed products (series Kos) to illuminate the wall with wall-washer effects, the use of wall recessed products (series Flea and Uop) to define walkways through target light distribution and for perimeter site with minimal design, granting a very impressive effect.
Light to be at the service of the volumes and surfaces to create dark and clear situations and emotional effects own of architectures.

Arch.Filippo Badinelli

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