Bollard and applique


Recessed projectors


Top fixture

The light is a real architectural element, a complement that becomes the supporting structure, a variable element that must be studied and developed in every context.

Well aware of all this, Francesconi Architectural Light has an internal team specializing in lighting design, to provide at the clients complete projects for outdoor lighting and to cooperate effectively with architects and professionals to create light scenographies integrated in the concept perfectly, granting the best performance for efficacy, efficiency and maximum aesthetic.

By photorealistic renderings and photometric studies, Francesconi Architectural Light realizes specific simulations to evaluate the lighting effects and the max.development project, analyzing shadows and light zone, accents and diffusion, special sets.


The internal lighting design team of Francesconi Architectural Light realizes, on the request of private clients, complete illuminotechnical projects, offering a consultancy service with high added value for the correct and effective illumination of private residences, gardens, swimming pools.

Architects and professionals

By the use of latest-generation software and staff expertise, the company cooperates  with architects and designers for the realization of light scenographies for different contexts: residential buildings, commercial and industrial; sports structures and water parks; parks and green areas; residences, condominiums, hotel and location; historical buildings and monuments; both in the case of new constructions or renovations and restorations.

Public places

Squares, roads, bridges and infrastructure: the fixtures and consulting services Francesconi Architectural Light meet better to the modern public housing requirements with the perfect combination of efficiency, energy saving and design

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