Francesconi Architectural Light catalog offers an wide range of outdoor lighting fixtures, professional and designed specifically for contemporary architecture, suitable to reply with efficacy and efficiency at the different and complex technical, technological and constructive requirements, without ever forgetting the design, style and minimal shapes.

Raw materials with certified quality, a production process managed entirely in the company laboratories with maximum attention to details, at the luminous efficiency and environmental protection, controls and rigorous testing, professional design and consulting services, characterize the proposals of a historic reality follows the times and market demand.


Starting from the study of reflectors to determinate the performance of the fixtures, the optimization of the source, from the design of the lighting body untill to take care aesthetic and functional details.

Thanks to interior lighting design team all our products are designed, developed and engineered our company, using the most advanced software for modeling and 3D prototype as well as for the definition of the power and the final consumption. In this way, Francesconi Architectural Light is able to offer lighting fixtures with best performances combining style, luminous efficiency and low environmental impact.


Indispensable to increase the resistance of the fixtures against to atmospheric agents, corrosion and wear, the paint made by our company responds to the specific requirements of installation and use of the products, to ensure the necessary protection and durability even in case of particularly aggressive environments and intensive uses. For this we make two different coating process:

Standard: treatment of pre-coating on aluminum casting through passivation free chrome and use of  Bonderite, that gives at the painted pieces high corrosion resistance; finishing color through a layer of paint with polyester powders certified Qualicoat® to guarantee a resistance against saline fog for about 800 hours.

 Double hand: pre-coating; epoxy primer and application of protective primer to grant max. protection against corrosion and higher mechanical strength; finishing color by a layer of paint with polyester powders certified Qualicoat® to guarantee a resistance against saline fog for about 1500 hours.

Laboratory tests

Before placing on the market, all our products are submitted at meticulous testing and inspections by independent external laboratories accredited by IMQ and UL to certify, through the issue of test-report, the conformity of the fixtures against Low Voltage and EMC Directives (Electromagnetic compatibility).

Lighting technology consultancy

Through the creation of cad2 drawing  Dowireframe designs, the interior design teams can simulate perfectly the lighting effects of the fixtures in the specific context where they will be installed to combine in the best way the strict compliance of the normatives with valorization of the architectural details of the project.

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