Warranty period against manufacturing defects on Francesconi's products is 3 years, including 2 years of legal warranty, since invoice date.


1. The guarantee extension of 3 years is valid for the following situations:
1.1 The installation of the product must be made by specialised technical personnel in according to instructions provided in every product.
1.2 Maintenance of product must be made by technical personnel respecting the instructions of the installation and with written authorization from Francesconi.
1.3 The temperature and voltage limits are not exceeded the values mentioned on the products as for mechanical loads must be conformed to the use.
1.4 For products with electronic ballasts, light sources installed must be conformed to IEC standard in force at the time it was purchased.
1.5 A products can't be considered defective only for not functionality of a single led component because this condition doesn't affect the functionality. With percentage inferior of 10% for led not working on the total number, a product will not be considered defective for the guarantee.
1.6 Defective product must be made available to Francesconi for technical analyses for the time required; the products must be send back unchanged respect the conditions where is verified alleged defect.
1.7 The defect, specified and tested, it must be informed by written form to Francesconi within thirty (30) days from the date of receiving products (for visible defects) or on which the defect was detected (latent defects).
1.8 The product has been paied regularly with relative invoice.


2. This guarantee does not include:
2.1 Costs for manpower, equipment costs and warehouse and every other cost relative and/or resulting
from other necessary job to repair the defect (i.e. assembly and disassembly labour costs, transport of defective and new repaired products will be all charged to the customer).
2.2 Damages caused by negligence, transport, unforeseeable circumstances and/or force majeure (i.e. electric discharge and thunderbolt, vandalism, unauthorised alterations and abnormal wheather phenomena).
2.3 Wrong use product.
2.4 This guarantee does not grant the integrity of the paint when the product is used in a saline environment or against corrosive agents.
2.5 In no event Francesconi will be responsible for incidental damages, compensatory, consequential, indirect, special or other damage. The responsibility of Francesconi for a defect on the product is limited only to the sum paied for that defective product. This conventional warranty is the only guarantee supplied by
Francesconi and it is allowed without any other guarantee, explicit or implicit.
2.6 The 3 years guarantee is valid also for products that use LED light sources, while driver are covered by 2 years guarantee from the date of purchase.
2.7 Extension of guarantee does not cover normal wear of the component, and like that the changes of colors for LED.
2.8 Francesconi's guarantee ensures the repair of defective product and /or the replacement with another similar model, at the discretion of Francesconi, considering technical progress of products and their components.
2.9 Any technical intervention under guarantee does not entitle to its extension or renewal beyond 3 years from invoice date.
2.10 This guarantee is valid for Italian and International market.


3.0 In case of technical dispute, the parties will subject the product to the evaluation of a third part appointed in agreement between two parts or, in the absence of an agreement, by the President of the Court of Brescia. The evaluation of the expert will be binding for both parties. Each part will bear 50 % of the expenses.


4.0 The execution, the interpretation and all others questions concerning with validity and efficacy of this guarantee will apply by Italian Law.
4.1 Any dispute will be settled exclusively by the Court of Brescia.

Roncadelle (Italy), li 01.05.2017

F.lli Francesconi & C.Srl.

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